Dynabook magnesium laptops

The perfect balance of lightweight and robust design

In today’s hybrid working environment, businesses need laptops that are lightweight and durable. Our engineers have harnessed the high-performance properties of magnesium to deliver just that.

magnesium chemical element

When alloyed, magnesium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all the structural metals.¹

The Dynabook magnesium range offers laptops specifically created to bring the latest technology within an ultra-lightweight package from as little as 870g.

High-performance laptops for high-performance demands

Long prized by industries like Formula 1 and aviation for its high strength and low weight qualities, magnesium has allowed us to make some of the lightest and most robust laptops on the market today. We use the magnesium alloy AZ91D in our laptops for its strength, castability and low density.²


How Dynabook uses magnesium to make
a lightweight and robust laptop

Laptop with annotations

Balanced design

A combination of honeycomb cut magnesium and strategically positioned support ribs produces a lightweight PC with greater strength across the whole device.

Laptop shielding diagram

Built-in shielding

Magnesium’s natural radio frequency shielding capabilities enable us to remove shielding components from the traditional laptop structure and reduce the device width. Couple this with engineering excellence the result is some of the thinnest and lightest devices available on the market.


Dynabook devices built from magnesium are so amazingly light it can be hard to believe they are made of metal – especially as magnesium does not feel cold to the touch like other metals.

A sustainable choice

At the end of their useful life, magnesium components can be reclaimed, re-melted, and reused to produce completely new magnesium products.³ Magnesium’s recyclability means laptops made from this material are a great choice for organisations that want to reduce their impact on the environment.

Person sat on step using a laptop
Person sat on step using a laptop

Discover magnesium laptops designed by Dynabook

The lightweight yet robust design of Dynabook magnesium laptops makes them well suited to the needs of the modern professional. Choose a laptop that’s made for the future of work, explore our full range of magnesium laptops now.

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