Built for business

Perfect for getting things done, with 14" and 15.6" screens, and range of connectivity options. Designed to help you work more efficiently, our Tecra laptops offer everything a business professional could want.

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Tecra X50

Full productivity – maximum mobility

A big, bright screen helps you review and create with ease. A light chassis empowers you to work on the move. And with the Tecra X50, you get both.

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Tecra X40

Your cutting edge business laptop that ticks every box

Toshiba’s Tecra X40 blends innovative business features with mobility, style and robustness – for uncompromising productivity throughout the working day.

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Tecra A40

More than just business as standard

With outstanding connectivity and a range of ergonomic design features, the 35,6 cm (14”) Tecra A40 can set new standards for your business – wherever your work takes you.

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Tecra A50

Experience, engineered in style

Toshiba’s 39.6 cm (15.6”) Tecra A50 achieves a perfect balance of durability, style, and mobility – a reliable companion for your users’ working lifestyles with the latest Intel® Core™ Processors.

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Tecra Z40

Large-screen productivity. Ultra-thin portability.

One of Toshiba's thinnest, lightest business laptops yet, the premium 35.6 cm (14") Tecra Z40 matches ultra-portability with a long-lasting battery and larger screen that lets you do more on the go.

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Tecra Z50

Upgrade your desktop to business class

The 39.6 cm (15.6ʺ) Tecra Z50 is a high class desktop replacement. Built to the standards you’d expect from Toshiba's Z-series, it empowers you to achieve more.

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