Configuration Services

Want to start working on your new Toshiba/dynabook devices straight out of the box?
We’ll take care of the perfect configuration!

The arrival of new IT equipment is usually followed by complex and time-consuming configuration tasks, as several steps must be completed before a PC device is ready for use. But what if you could just unpack your new Toshiba/dynabook devices and start working with them immediately?

Whether you want to use software imaging for unified setup, tag your devices for added security, personalise system BIOS and drive types, or add your company logo to chassis and packaging. With the Configuration Services, you get your individual setup done directly from the factory, reducing in-house efforts to a minimum.

Why purchase a Configuration Service?

  • Receive ready-to-go devices with no need to configure systems on your own and give your IT staff the chance to focus on higher priority tasks.
  • Significantly reduce the risk of loss or theft with the Asset Tagging and Logo Etching Services that will help to exactly identify your valuable IT devices.
  • Benefit from pre-set BIOS settings adapted to the individual network and security requirements of your organisation.
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